On November 4th, a new Ukrainian center, VDOMA, opened in Nyon.

Opening of Vdoma Nyon
Opening of Vdoma Nyon
Opening of Vdoma Nyon

For every Ukrainian who crossed the border due to the war, the feeling of home is extremely important. Communicating in our native language, being close to our loved ones, supporting and being supported, and enriching Ukrainian traditions - all of this was part of our home.

The Ukrainian center VDOMA has opened its doors to Ukrainian families, aiming to become a place for learning and communication. Here, we will offer Ukrainian language and art classes, dance workshops, robotics, ping pong, table football, and even a kitchen where we'll organize various pizza parties.

We dream of having a library or bookcrossing with Ukrainian books, as well as many other interesting things. We will have board games, language clubs where we can practice French and English, children's crafts, and much more that you will contribute to making this place your own.

And most importantly, this space will be a place where both adults and children will feel at home and enjoy themselves.

We look forward to welcoming you home!