Celebration of Nicholas Vdoma

Зустріч з Миколаєм Vdoma Nyon
Відкриття Vdoma Nyon

On Sunday, VDOMA was buzzing - we celebrated Saint Nicholas (Mykolay)!
First, dance teachers Ivan and Diana gave the children a dance master class!
Next, the children took on the responsible task of baking Christmas cookies and pizza. And you have no idea how delicious it turned out!
Upon smelling biscuits, Mykolay didn't delay :) He turned out to be a very kind old man, because he gave gifts to everyone - both those who behaved well and those who were a little crazy 🤨 Everyone received wonderful puzzles VDOMA with a map of Ukraine!
Do you know what is most valuable about our holidays? This means that we are all involved: children, parents, and grandparents :) Together we decorate, cook, clean, deal with organizational issues - as if everyone is at home. And this feeling is so special and dear to us.
Thank you to everyone who spent this week at home, for the unique and warm mood! And for those who haven't made it - we are waiting for you this Saturday for Christmas!